“Good Read with Memorable Characters”

What a great concept for a story–a bachelor auction in which the ex-wife buys the ex-husband for a week. Even better, the characters stay with you long after you’ve read the last page. Every girl wants a guy like Michael and a friend like Kat.

I truly loved this book and can’t wait to read more by Lyn.

“Love This Book!”

I met Lyn Austin this weekend in Park City, Utah at a book signing, she chatted with us a little about herself about this book and a little about her next book. I was very intrigued about the story so I went home and downloaded it to my tablet. I could not put it down I loved the story, I stayed up all night and read the whole thing, the story idea was very interesting. I can’t wait to see what other stories she comes up with. I would like to see a second book with these characters I grew to really care about them and wanted to read more.

“Fantastic Read!”

“It’s amazing what kind of knowledge a girl can glean in a bathroom”

Katherine, or Kat as her friends know her, has the habit of heading for the nearest bathroom when she gets the jitters. And she definitely has the jitters as she waits to bid on the bachelor of her choice in the celebrity Make-A-Wish Foundation Auction.

To make matters worse, the hunk she’s bidding on is her ex-husband, a man that if looks could kill, would have already rendered her the victim of his rapier gaze.

Why is Kat bidding for a week of her ex-husband’s time? Well now, if I told you that, I’d spoil the fun this story is sure to give its readers.

Kat and Michael are a unique pair that I felt immediately drawn too. Author Lyn Austin shapes her characters with loving care, honest emotions, and real needs that make them more than just names on the pages of a book. While the story is on the short side, it’s fully developed and the author doesn’t rush the resolution of their problems. This is another story I’d recommend adding to your reading list.

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“The Auction”

Just finished “The Auction” and I loved being taken to Park City for a romantic adventure! It’s great to live in the world a book takes you to. It was easy to feel the emotions of both Michael and Kat. It was easy to fall in love with them as they fell back in love with each other. Enough intrigue from one situation to another to keep your interest and turning page after page realizing you’re still reading @ 2am. Looking forward to more books from Lyn.


“Bought The Auction last night—already on Chapter 8…really liking it!


“Finished The Auction this morning! Great read Lyn! I highly recommend it! Keep me posted when the Quiet Storm is out.


“Found it, bought it, read it, loved it!


“Love, love, love this book, Lyn. It was awesome!