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Lyn Austin

Lyn Austin is an award-wining author and a popular guest lecturer throughout the world. Her debut romance . The Austin is out this month at Boroughs.

When I was in my early twenties I noticed that my grandmother spent her spare hours reading romance Grandmother spent her spare hours reading romance novels and I asked her why she chose that genre.AT the time, my grandfather was dying of cancer,she told me that the novels helped her escape. For a few moments, they took her out of the pain of losing her husband of fifty years; they took her to place throughout the world, let her travel to locales that she might never see in her lifetime.

She also explained that they allowed her to fall in love with handsome men without pissing grandpa off! I read my first romance novel that year and have been reading then ever since.

Eight year after my grandpa passed away, I was again shown the power of the genre when my grandma become ill. I was assigned the task of gathering what she would need for her stay in the hospital and as I was packing up her things . I noticed a half-read novel on her nightstand. I took the book to her, but she was too ill to read. So, I began to read to her. This gave her something to look forward to daily. Once again, it was an escape that she desperately needed. We finished that book then read many others. Together , as granddaughter and grandmother, we stayed in the same room yet traveled the world to many beautiful places-and as well fell in love with the same gorgeous men

It was during those months that I decided to write romances. I thought if I could help someone escape for a couple of hours from the pain or boredom in their lives, or if I could help them see and feel a world of love and beauty, that such an undertaking would be a worthwhile contribution to humanity. So the message in each of my books is hope. There's someone just right for each of us, and even in our darkest hour's there's light just around the corner. And you should always dream and love and smile.

Set in a cozy cottage during a wintry week in Park City, Utah, The Auction is about a woman who buys back her ex-husband at a bachelor auction, but just for a week. The universe has other plans. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know!

Social Dreamers Conference

Lyn Austin winning Honorable Mention at Social Dreamers Conference
(From left to right) Michele Kaplan, Lyn Austin, Chris Kessler, Jill Limber Boroughs Publishers and Editor in Chief

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