"Fantastic Read!"

We live on a beautiful property in Idaho on the Snake River. Are closest neighbors are deer, moose, and a wide array of large birds. This week the geese are back in their nest. It’s my first sign that spring is coming, although I know the middle of March in Idaho is a long, long, way from what will feel like spring around here.
Right now from the cozy comfort of my living room I can see twenty or more geese gliding on the river. We own a tiny island in the middle of the water and the goose nest in a box full of hay. Geese mate for life and the same couple comes back year after year. They guard their home pecking away at intruders. Eventually each couple will find their own home. Now the mating begins. The couple swims and makes out and preens the other. Soon the eggs will be in the nest. The husband and wife share the responsibility of those precious eggs. He sits on the eggs while she eats and swims and then she takes her turn while her man swims off to the bar for a beer and a game of pool. At night they snuggle in and sleep with necks wrapped around each other until sunlight. Ah, romance on the river.