“Fantastic Read!”

The other day my grandson Cru age eight and his little sister, Tommie Lyn age 6 were staying over night at our house. These sleep-overs are great fun for me. We have twenty grandkids so you’ll probably get confused along the way, but hang in there with me. They are all delightful and honest and I adore them all so much—much more than big people.
Anyway, Tommie Lyn and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner and I pulled a hot dish from the microwave. Tommie Lyn is busily helping me and she stopped at looked at the microwave and said, “Grandma, I hate to be rude, but when our microwave looks that disgusting we clean it!” (The night before a bowl of rice had exploded). I laughed so hard and gave her a big hug.
The stupid microwave will eventually get cleaned. Right now my priority is that sweet, brown-eyed, blond, precious granddaughter.