“Fantastic Read!”

There is nothing in today’s blog that every woman in the world doesn’t already know, but excuse me while I bitch for a minute.
I’m taking this complaint clear back to Eve. Let me explain. I’m preparing for a writer’s conference in California next week. I’m fine with doing the stuff a writer needs to do for an event, especially if I get to be with my publishers, editor, and other writing friends. I don’t even mind that I have to drive five hours to the airport. My gripe is all the crap you have to do just because we are women.
Think about it for a minute. Men don’t have to worry about: make-up, bras, Spanx, hair coloring, pedicures, manicures, waxed eyebrows, shaving legs, hormones, periods, hot flashes, menopause, high heels, jewelry, a matching wardrobe, and what’s with those long lines to the bathroom?
So here’s my question who started all of this? I’ve been reading a biography about Cleopatra, she was entrenched in all of the woman stuff and that was in 30 A.D.! How did we get here? Did Adam see Eve with the remains of crushed strawberries on her lips and gave her a big kiss and from then on Eve thought he kissed her because of her rosy, plump, mouth? Or did she accidently rub some charcoal from the fire under her eye and Adam told her it made her look sexy? Maybe sexy isn’t the appropriate word when speaking of Adam and Eve, but sexual attraction was definitely a part of God’s plan, right?
My question is when and where did this all start and why? Why weren’t we, as women perfect and free the way we were created, like men seem to be. Or why did we, as women, think from the beginning of time that we needed to be more? I’d love to hear your theories.